Mansoor Alam

Secretary Message

Gilgit-Baltistan being the gateway to CPEC has become the most important area in the emerging regional scenario. Luckily the region also has immense potential for development of various large, medium and small scale industries including Minerals, Gemstones, Tourism, Fish Farming, Fruit Processing and Handicrafts etc. Its connectivity to China in the North, Central Asia in the West, Karachi Gawader sea ports in the South and India in the East makes it the hub of North-South and East-West trade. In this respect Industries, Mines & Minerals, Labour & Commerce Department is the most important Department of GB that can play the most pivotal role for the socio-economic development of both the region and the country as a whole. Our Directorate of Industries, Labour & Commerce will become the focal point of attracting, facilitating and promoting local and foreign investment, trade and commerce as well as capacity building and skill development of locals to make them participate and take full advantage of the new opportunities.

Shahid Ali

Director Message

The Directorate of Industries, Commerce & Labour Gilgit Baltistan is striving to promote industrial development, to create an enabling environment for sustainable industrialization to promote complementing activities for commerce, trade, technical education and vocational training. Industries, Commerce & Labour GB is expediently working on legislation and implementation of labour laws to improve working conditions of labours.


-To strive for social development and economic prosperity of people, especially the poor and under privileged masses,
-To provide opportunities for large scale employment through private sector.
-To develop human capital to meet the needs of industry,
-To utilize natural resources for sustainable industrial development,
-To set up industries based on local raw material and skilled labour to achieve cost comparable cost advantage and attract investment.


Planning & Development of Industry

Implementation of Labour Laws

Celebration of International Labour Day

Industrial Exhibition In Country

Worker Colonies

Industrial Control



Establishment of GB Board of Investment

  • GB Board Of Investment & Trade Act 2019 enhanced
  • One Window Facility will be Provided
  • Project for operational of GB BOL has been approved with a cost of RS.99.89

    Establishment of Labour Inspectorate in GB

    • Labour Inspectorate has been Established
    • Labour Inspectorate has been recruited
    • Labour Inspection is under process..

    Establishment of Industrial Zone

    • 194 Arces of land has been acquired.
    • Feasibility study has been completed
    • A Pproject of RS. 20.00 Million is approved for Development of Industrial Zone

    Establishment of Special Economic Zone

    • 250 Acres of land has been acquired
    • Feasibility Study of SEZ is completed
    • Feasibility Study of 48 MW Hydro power has been completed
    • Application of declaration of SEZ is under process